We specialise in shipping battery mounted products wordwide E-Bikes Shipping
Sensitive Goods, transported sensibly
Ship Your Battery mounted goods

Arvi Shipping International is a specialist in UAE for transporting E-Bikes and other Battery mounted
goods. We can connect you with rest of the globe through Sea, Road and Air freights

Professionally handled, safely delivered.

E-bikes and other Battery mounted goods are a sensitive material to store and transport. There are stipulated guidelines and norms to Store, Manage, Pack and Transport these goods which is often referred to as Dangerous Goods. Arvi freight forwarders is an expert in handling and transporting battery mounted medical devices, E-Bikes, Power tools, Drones, Automated external defibrillators etc. We can ensure that your shipments are in accordance with international standards and delivered on schedule.  With our vast partner networks and years of experience in freight forwarding we can ensure that your valuable goods reach their destination on time.