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Arvi International SHIPPING LLC

Arvi international shipping LLC was started in the Middle East 5 years ago and have grown to have a vast network of over 130 countries making it a truly global corporate. The expertise of professionals in the management team of Arvi made to establish a high level of standard for the cargo and shipping work we are doing. Our well-trained staff and their arduous effort to achieve high quality of service made us the leaders in Dubai, UAE. We offer our cargo and shipping-related services to a wide range of nations including CIS, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Arvi International offers services that are custom-tailored according to the need of the customer. The services include


We even encourage specific instructions such as forwarding through a host or easy to configure options according to the requirements from the clients’ side. We specialize in the shipping of armored vehicles, boats, and yachts, Battery mounted goods, E-bikes, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Arvi International is pledged to minimize delays and maximize productivity by meeting all the regional, national and international regulations in shipping services. Our involvement with the consignments and the global network we have is helping us to provide a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly way of shipping.

We take the time to understand your company’s logistic needs – Our personal involvement and Global Network ensure that your shipments will meet all regional, national and international regulations to help minimize delays and maximize productivity. We are one among of the best shipping companies in Dubai, UAE offering most safe , effective and environmentally friendly shipping service.ne 

"One Stop shop for all your international shipping requirements”

"Prolonged history of extended customer satisfaction"

Well-trained staff and a global logistic network ensures you a hassle free shipping service. 


We provide a customizable range of logistic and supply chain solutions to meet the client requirements.


Timely filing of documents keeps the customs clearance on time and the client experiences tension-free shipping.


All your shipments deserves all-risk insurance  to protect your financial interest.