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The Integrity and quality of the pharmaceutical product must be maintained from manufacturing till delivery. Fast, safe and secure transportation of pharmaceutical equipment and goods is the need of the hour. Timely delivery without any damage can save many lives. We are pledged to take care of every pharmaceutical to reach the destination fast and safe.

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Pharmaceutical Shipping

         We have Sea, Air, and land modes of transportation which includes cold chain logistics to make sure that the goods are safe from the outside atmosphere by preserving the temperature. The pharmaceuticals are put in cryogenic containers that can hold temperatures of -150 degrees. We even use thermal pallets to keep up the temperatures.
         Through our vast network of over 130 countries, we provide shipping to corners of the world. Our staff are well trained to handle the goods carefully without diminishing the satisfaction of the client. And Arvi international is a company having a license for shipping pharmaceutical products around the globe.