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When you need the specialist

ARVI Shipping is the trusted freight forward service provider in the UAE who is a specialist in handling Vehicles, Pharmaceuticals, E-bikes, and Battery mounted goods. ARVI shipping has the resource and experience in handling all these sophisticated categories which need special attention while handling and transporting. Our expertise in transporting Automotive, Exhibition, and Event items makes us a unique player GCC for such priority freight movements.
Air-Air Movements, Sea-Shore Shipments, Transshipments, Cross shipment arrangements, Warehousing & Distribution, Overland Transportation to GCC & Middle East, Arvi’s shipping services encompasses all those complex delivery methods.


Entrusting your new set of wheels to an automotive handling agent is risky. But we have a proven track record in automotive shipping, whether it is safely delivering a luxury sports racing vehicle or an entire commercial fleet.


E-bikes and other battery-mounted goods which are often termed as DG items have to follow multiple international regulatory norms while shipping. We are specialists in transporting such items anywhere around the globe.


Shipping pharmaceutical equipment and medicines have to adhere strict norms for packaging, documentation and have to ensure timely delivery. And Arvi shipping have been doing it for a long time providing expert solutions.


We have services in more than 130 countries touching the nook and corners of the world. Our services are truly global and our staff are well trained. They work arduously to carefully deliver the packages thus
ensuring customer satisfaction.

Countries Served
Containers Delivered
services ahead of your expectations
Safe & Insured

Shipments are insured and protected against Theft, Damage, or any other calamities.

On-TIME Delivery

Maneuvered through highly optimized freight forward channels and works in close connection with different agencies to deliver the shipments on schedule.

Comprehensive Logistics support

A fleet of specialized vehicles, warehouses, and extensive partner networks worldwide.
Systematic tracking of shipments to ensure smooth flow of freights.


Paper works and clearances are completed quickly as possible.
Provides 24*7 customer support to keep you informed about your consignments.


Arvi International Shipping LLC. based in UAE is an emerging player among global freight transporters. We provide both domestic and international freight forward services across the globe. We can streamline the customs clearances, Import/Export documentation nuances and ensure your valuable goods have reached the destination on time. Arvi provides Land Freight, Air Cargo, and Sea Freight movement across the globe according to the connectivity of source and destination. The complexities like scheduling, coordination, and documentation involved in intermodal transportation are systematically managed with our SCM. Currently, we are connecting more than 130 countries through our extensive global network.